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Stuck or dead pixels appear in the projected image

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Dots that don't change or move, also known as dead or stuck pixels, appear in the projected image. Changing the video source on the projector doesn't resolve the issue.

Word interface showing stuck or dead pixelsProjected image showing stuck or dead pixels
Troubleshooting information is available for SMART projectors​ here:
If your product is still under warranty, contact SMART Support for further instructions. If your product's warranty has expired, see the discontinued product support statement below.

Discontinued product support statement
This product has been discontinued. SMART’s support for discontinued products ends according to the Discontinued Product Policy and Customer Support Policy. Visit the Discontinued products and customer support program page on our support site for information about the policy and discontinued products.
Although customer support has ended for this product, you can still use our library of online support materials to find information about installing, using and troubleshooting your SMART products. If the product requires parts, the online store for SMART Parts ( provides a convenient way for you to order replacement parts for your SMART Products. Please be aware that availability of replacement parts can not be guaranteed. 
If your out-of-warranty SMART product needs repair, contact a third-party repair center ( 
A small percentage of all projectors, including projectors from manufacturers other than SMART Technologies, can experience this dead or stuck pixels issue. As part of SMART's commitment to quality, we're always improving our projectors to significantly reduce the risk of this issue, so this issue is more likely to occur with older projector models. SMART promptly repairs or replaces any projector that experiences this issue within the warranty period.
Internal Information
SMART HardwareUnifi 35, Unifi 45, Unifi 55, Unifi 55w, SMART UF65, SMART UF65w, SMART UF70, SMART UF75, SMART UF75w, SMART UX60, SMART UX80 and V25 projectors. LightRaise 40wi interactive projectors and LightRaise 60wi and 60wi2 interactive projectors
SMART Software
Operating Systems
First PublishedOctober 25, 2013
Last UpdatedSeptember 7, 2017



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