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SMART Board 600 Series Interactive Whiteboards May Not Correctly Detect Pen Tray Tools

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Some SMART Board 600 series interactive whiteboards may not consistently detect the presence of pen tray pens in their respective slots.

The SMART Pen Tray on a SMART Board 600 series interactive whiteboard uses a sensor to detect the presence of a pen or eraser in its slot. The sensor emits infrared light and reports the presence of a pen or eraser if the light is reflected back to the sensor from the pen tool or eraser body.

In some cases, the reflectivity of the pen tool or eraser is insufficient to trigger weak sensors, and the presence of a pen tray tool is incorrectly reported. The cloth eraser, being much less reflective than a pen body, is the most likely point of concern in this case.


While a final solution is being developed, there are ways to address this problem temporarily:

  • Replace the problematic pen tray tool with an Expo dry-erase marker in its slot. The Expo product is highly reflective, and will have no trouble triggering any infrared sensors, including that of the eraser.


    Do not use substitute the pen tray tools with items that will scratch the interactive whiteboard screen.

  • Wrap the affected pen or eraser in masking tape to increase its infrared reflectivity. Masking tape is specifically recommended in this case, as neither electrical tape nor Scotch Magic Tape have the same reflective properties as masking tape.

  • If the eraser is the only point of concern, carefully remove the cloth pad from its plastic shell, reverse it, and reinstall with the grey foam side exposed instead of the black felt. This process will increase its infrared reflectivity.

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First Published12-Apr-06
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