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How to update to SMART Notebook 16.2 software on Windows 7 using SMART Product Update

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You accessed this article because you clicked the Update button in SMART Product Update trying to update your SMART Notebook collaborative learning software to SMART Notebook 16.2 software. This article outlines some issues you need to be aware of before completing the update. 

Note: If you've already installed the required Windows update, proceed with the product installation.
Before you update, be aware you might see the following symptoms in SMART Notebook 16 software. If you encounter any of the following symptoms, continue reading below. 

Symptoms you might experience after updating to SMART Notebook 16.2 software: 
  • The eraser leaves bubbles or circles behind it when you erase. It might resemble a slinky. 
  • Moving object around the screen leaves trail. 
  • When you type text, nothing appears until you click another area and stop typing. 
  • When creating a shape, it leaves a trail as the shape is created. 
  • The screen shade doesn't reveal what is hidden underneath.

To update your SMART Notebook software

  1. Go to the download page for SMART Notebook 16.2 software (
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to download the installation file.
  3. Install SMART Notebook 16.2 software and any other required software.
After the installation is complete, if you notice any of the symptoms listed above you will need to install the following Windows to update to resolve these issues.

To install the required Windows update:

Go to to download the platform update for Windows 7 SP1 (KB2670838).

Caution: Read the above article thoroughly as other steps might be required beyond installing the Windows update. Please contact your local IT support for help installing this update if your encounter issues.
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