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Adobe Flash objects fail to animate on SMART Notebook pages

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Q:  Why do Adobe Flash objects such as the Dice or Spinner fail to animate on my SMART Notebook pages, specifically when I return to a page that I previously viewed?

A: There is a bug in previous versions Adobe Flash's Active X control that causes the Adobe Flash objects to fail to animate in SMART Notebook collaborative learning software. Please update to Adobe Flash Player 20 for Internet Explorer ActiveX or later from

While Flash objects continue to function in SMART Notebook software, a sudden or significant change by Adobe could disable or limit functionality. To help prevent this issue, SMART is adding a proactive notification within SMART Notebook software.

SMART is actively pursuing future-proofing effort to preserve some of the core functionality that Flash objects provide.

First PublishedJuly 16, 2015
Last UpdatedApril 22, 2016
Operating SystemsWindows operating systems, Mac OS X operating system software
SMART Hardware
SMART SoftwareSMART Notebook collaborative learning software



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